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We are Lombardy Black

It's about the song. Guitar driven, straight-forward pop/rock rhythms with powerful, precise drums. Conveying a feeling with meaningful, multi-textured lyrics and well-structured, tight arrangements. Each member writes, most of us sing, yet the songs are distinctly Lombardy Black.

Call us a throwback

It's the music we grew up with, it's the style we play. Enjoy the melody, bob your head, tap your foot. Get up and dance - we're okay with that. Sit back and lose yourself in the lyrics - we're okay with that too. These songs warrant attention.

It's the music we grew up with, it's the style we play, and it still sounds current. Call us a throwback?

We prefer timeless

Experience the music. Explore the site, check out the videos, listen to the tunes. Come see us live at a venue near you. We love playing live and try to keep the energy high. We'll do our best to make sure you have a good time. And if you don't that's okay, we always do.

This is Lombardy Black